Sweet and Savory Gift Box

$ $74.95

Sweet and Savory Snack Gift Box


Frankly we won’t be impressed with technology until you can download snacks. Until then send an assortment of gourmet snacks the old fashioned way and make sure your recipient never goes hungry between meals. Each item comes from small batch makers who say no to additives, preservatives or other weird ingredients and yes to high-quality, organic, and flavorful ingredients.

Classic Artisanal Popcorn By CC Made
Stone Hearth Baked Pretzels By Martin’s Handmade
Original Blend Pistachios By The Gilded Nut Co.
Deep Chocolate Caramels By Mccreas
Praline Pecans by Molly & Me
Chocolate Espresso Cookies by Grey Ghost Bakery
Cookies & Cream Chocolate Pretzels by Fatty Sundays
White Chocolate Coated Strawberry Crisps by Dardimans

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*Must include Message and recipient address in comment section*
Unit of Issue: 1
Item ships in: 3 day(s)
Weight: 1 LBS

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